Too Technologically Savvy for College?

Meet Marko, a 9 year old super genius Internet Geek:

Marko has been an internet savvy prodigy since the age of 6. Already hired by Microsoft, Marko represents the future in all snese of the word. First of all, Marko is the future generation. Second, Marko is representing the utilization of the possibilities of the future. Often Ihear about how twitter will change the future, Social networking will change the future. Logically, if Marko is the future he is utilizing the future. Third, Marko exemplifies the function of all future contemplations: posing questions.

What does this mean?

We never know what the future has in store. We can presume, assume, guess, speculate, etc. We never really know. What we seem to know a lot about, though, is the present. We are always up to date on what is going on right now. Right now controls the future. Right now a 9 year old is more technologically savvy than a majority of us. Right now our children are growing up in Twittervision: a right here right now one click lifestyle. Right now our children are learning that 140 characters can summarize your current life choices.

Right now we have to ask ourselves if we are ready for this merger between the real world and the online world. Has the technological era disconnected us from reality or put reality on a computer screen? Questioning the pros and cons of the technological age require a multitude of discourses and approaches that could turn into the argument of the century. Whatever the answer or conclusion, one thing is certain: we are stuck with technology and we better figure out how we’re going to handle that.


One response to “Too Technologically Savvy for College?

  1. julie, i want to give you a million books.

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