Social Networking Solutions

Groups and OrganizationsHow the Rollins Community could HelpBy connecting college students to the homeless efforts in the rolando area, campus events and demonstrations can increase awareness and visibility. Because college students spend so much time on their social media, having these organizations create, maintain, and connect their own social media tools would be extremely beneficial. There are three main areas of how social networking can benefit homeless efforts: Visibility Networking Awareness. Having a Flickr account to update pictures is the most obvious way to increase visibility. By having a blog that has a feed to the Flickr account links people both visually and informatively. Twitter and Facebook can spread an organization’s network through friends, events, groups, fan pages and hash tags. All these can be linked to their blogs, and vice versa. Another great social networking tool, that can be utilized through these platforms is Mass Texting, where an organization can send out updates, volunteer opportunities and breaking news.What social media tools various orgs. can use to connect


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