Homeless in Orlando: a Social Networking Assessment

Below you can find the rough pictures of our solution to social networking for organizations trying to help the homeless. My group and I decided the number one problem with the homeless effort is visibility and awareness. After researching groups like IDignity.org, we found that most of them are not connected on a social network level. Our solution combines online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and WordPress Blogs to help spread the word and open people’s eyes.

There’s many important messages to spread through the online realm when it comes to homelessness. People need to know facts and statistics, links to area maps, resources, volunteer opportunities, news, and legislative updates. Blogging can keep an articulated record of these types of things. A twitter can make immediate updates while promoting the blog (as well as the blog can promote twitter). Both platforms can link to and follow other organizations, creating a network of people trying to help the homeless. A link to a Flickr album will bring effective visuals into the equation. People can only read so much, a picture is of course worth 1000 words. If enough pictures and facts were made readily available to the public of the Greater Orlando area, a strong response is entirely possible.

For example, UCF and Rollins. College students are constantly logged on and connecting through social networking. By creating a social network of their own, Orlando organizations trying to help the homeless can reach college students easily. Then, by the college networking of Facebook, students can start clubs on their campuses and organize events, meetings and volunteer opportunities. The possibilities are endless.

To start your efforts to end homelessness in Orlando visit these sites:





One response to “Homeless in Orlando: a Social Networking Assessment

  1. Hey Julie,

    Thanks for your interest in IDignity and helping the homeless in general. When you get time, shot me an email so that we can discuss a potential social media model.

    Michael Dippy
    IDignity Director

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