Mapping Project Timeline and Proposal

Sodexo Mapping Project

Julie Katz

Alison Sweeney

Andrew Wells

We propose a research endeavor to uncover the truth behind our somewhat beloved catering company here at Rollins, Sodexo, about local resourcing and fair wage.

Steps We Are Taking, a.k.a the very Conditional Timeline:

  1. What local places Sodexo@Rollins, Sodexo@Central Florida gets food from
    1. map these locations using Google Maps
      1. Sodexo locations (in Central Florida)
      2. Farm locations
  2. Which of the local farm locations meet fair wage/farmer alliance?
    1. map these locations using Google Maps
    2. map locations that do NOT meet fair wage
  3. Get information from Sodexo@Rollins about CORPORATE food (frozen food) used in place of local product.
    1. map locations of nearest factories/production facilities to illuminate the difference between the amount of local food used.
  4. Use these numbers (find way to calculate overall costs and profits) to compare money spent on local farms and resources/ money spent on local farms and resources that do NOT meet fair wage to the money made by Sodexo@Rollins annually or Sodexo annually (total profit and ‘kickbacks’)
  5. If necessary, break into Rollins Cafeteria and do a content analysis of our own. No, we are not afraid.

Steps Already Taken:

  1. Research on Sodexo and Farm activity in Florida
  2. Research on ‘kickbacks’ and ‘rebates’ concerning Sodexo
  3. Research on local percentages spent by Sodexo
  4. Emailed Rollins Director of Dining Services asking Questions Below.

Sodexo @ Rollins Interview with Gerard Short

  1. What local places does Sodexo@Rollins get food from?
  2. What percentage of the budget, or how often?
  3. Do you know which of these farms meet fair wage or are in a Farmer’s Alliance?
  4. How much of the Sodexo@Rollins is corporate owned, frozen food?
  5. How much is Fresh Food?
  6. How much is the Sodexo contract@Rollins?


2 responses to “Mapping Project Timeline and Proposal

  1. what a delightful project

  2. very solid research questions, will be extremely interested as a concerned student as to the findings of your project

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