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Socialbrite- How to create a Twitter background

Have you ever heard the saying, “Look a million, sell a million”? Morally, it serves us to believe that we never judge a book by its cover. However, in the non-profit world of social media, we call that cover branding and branding is a key part in making any campaign an eye-catching one. For the purpose of this Twitter-context I adjust the saying– “Look a million, tweet a million”.

One of the main goals of a successful Twitter account or campaign is accumulating as many followers as possible. In this informative Socialbrite article, I discuss how to create (and maximize) a Twitter  background for your organization. This information isn’t reserved for organizations only. Branding is an important part of creating your personal professional online persona as well.

Included are links to background websites where you can choose a pre-made background or customizable one. Additionally, there are great resources for doing a complete design on your own, for the photo-shop novice to the experienced expert. Adapting some of these helpful tips will enhance your Twitter-branding presence, carrying your right up to that million-dollar tweet.